Operation Husky Walk for Remembrance & Peace

On July 10th, 1943, more than 25,000 Canadian soldiers of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division and 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade landed at Pachino, Sicily, marking the beginning of OP Husky and the Sicilian campaign.


On July 10, 2023, a group of Canadians will lead the 325-km march, with their allied friends, from the beaches of Pachino to Adrano. The march will include battlefield history briefings and commemorative activities in 22 towns.


Using the trail dedicated to this commemoration, the “OP Husky Walk for Remembrance & Peace”, marchers will follow a fully mapped and signed walking trail that follows the path taken by the 1st Canadian Infantry Division in the summer of 1943.


Using the following maps, you can walk the same route by following the self guided tour. To commemorate your journey, please send us an email and pictures, so we can include you on our social media and website among the participants who have participated in the “Op Husky Walk for Remembrance and Peace.”

Self Guided Tour

Ragusa to Giarratana

Giarratana to Vizzini

Vizzini to Grammichele

Grammichele to Caltagirone

Caltagirone to San Michele di Ganzaria

San Michele di Ganzaria to Piazza Armerina

San Michele di Ganzaria to Mirabella Imbaccari

Mirabella Imbaccari to Piazza Armerina

Piazza Armerina to Valguarnera

Valguarnera to Leonforte

Valguarnera to Enna

Leonforte to Assoro

Regalbuto to Catenanuova

Catenanuova to Centuripe

Centuripe to Adrano