About us

We are a not-for-profit initiative composed of Canadians, Italians and citizens of other nations who wish to remind our countrymen and people from around the world of the price of peace.

The Walk for Remembrance & Peace (WRAP) is one of three projects that promote remembrance and peace. These projects include the International Forum for Peace, Security & Prosperity and commemoration of Operation Husky, the battle in 1943 for Sicily in WWII every 5 years on its anniversary.

WRAP is a marked walking path 325 km long that follows the path of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division during Operation Husky, the Allied campaign for Sicily, in the summer of 1943.

Opening in 2023

The Walk for Remembrance & Peace (WRAP) is a marked walking path 325 km long that follows the path of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division during Operation Husky, the Allied campaign for Sicily, in the summer of 1943.

The path, which will cross battlefields and wind through towns devasted by war in the summer of 1943, is being designed to promote reflection and contemplation on peace: How does peace happen, what are it’s underpinnings, and how can it be sustained?

The WRAP connects 22 towns, from the beaches of Pachino to Adrano, perched on the slopes of Mount Etna where food and lodging are plentiful. Arrangement for the transportation of baggage is available.

In 2023, a history book and guidebook including detailed walking instructions and maps will be available.

The WRAP is free and open to the public.

Two related projects use the WRAP

Project 1

The annual International Forum for Peace, Security & Prosperity (www.psp-forum.org), is held in one of the towns along the path of the WRAP. This Forum brings together high school students and officer cadets of military colleges from democracies around world to explore how peace happens.

Using the context of Sicily following WWII, where Allied military governments supported Sicilians and Italians in rebuilding their country following the battle for Sicily, students explore the role of military forces and the role they can play in building peace, security and prosperity for the benefit of all.

Project 2

Operation Husky commemorations occur every five years on the anniversary of the Allied landing in Sicily. To learn more about Operation Husky 2023 click here.

Steve Gregory, Founder and Director

Stephen (Steve) Gregory, MSM has led IsaiX Technologies Inc. since 1989, a firm specializing organizational development and technology for sales. In addition, he sits as a director on the boards of two TSX-listed public companies.


In 2006 he co-founded the “3rd Battery of Montreal Artillery,” a charity which supports cadets and veterans. In 2015 he co-founded The Respect Campaign, which facilitates a national networking initiative involving forums in more than 20 Canadian cities. This network promotes collaboration among stakeholders who support the mental health of our men and women in uniformed service. In various capacities, he has assisted in raising over $3 million for the families of our troops and various community outreach initiatives.

Steve and his team of dedicated volunteers organized 325-km marches across Sicily in 2013 and 2018 in honour of those who fought and died on all sides during Operation Husky, the Allied campaign in Sicily in 1943.Three Op Husky documentaries are now broadcast in Italy and Canada, keeping alive the memory of the fallen and the history of the Allied campaign. In 2023, Steve and his team of Sicilian volunteers will open the Walk for Remembrance & Peace (Il percorso per il ricordo & la pace), a 325-km fully mapped walking trail with accompanying historical descriptions, from both the local Sicilian perspective and that of the Canadian soldiers during the summer of 1943.

Steve is the former Honorary Colonel of the 2nd Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery and has been presented with Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal and commendations from the Minister of Veterans Affairs and the Commander of the Army for his work in support of our troops and veterans.

The Team

Rosalba Scifo

Angelo Plumari

Alfio Caruso

Dave Patterson

John Mace Hannan

Coordinator, Local Outreach and Liaison

Author, Maps and WRAP coordinator, Sicily

Author, Historical Advisor and Regional Liason

Historical Advisor, Canada

Director of International Outreach