The walk for

Rememberance & Peace

We are a not-for-profit initiative composed of Canadians, Italians and citizens of other nations who wish to remind our countrymen and people from around the world of the price of peace.

Our mission

The Walk for Remembrance and Peace (WRAP) is a joint initiative of Canadian and Italian citizens whose mission is to commemorate those who died in World War II during the Allied Campaign in Sicily. By coming together to walk this path in reflection and peace, participants remind and educate fellow citizens and future generations regarding the price of peace and the need for vigilance in protecting this peace against tyranny and future threats.

Our vision

The WRAP and associated activities and resources are designed to offer a unique experience for students and tourists from Canada, Italy, and other nations, as well as veterans and serving military personnel to explore the history and foundations of peace, security and society.

The route of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division in July-August 1943

Walk the WRAP

The WRAP is a fully marked trail, complete with educational plaques, that attracts military tourism, including students from Canada and around the world. The 325 km path follows the route of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division, whose members fought their way from the landing beaches at Pachino all the way to Adrano on the slopes of Mount Etna in the summer of 1943.

The organizers of this project are the people behind Operation Husky.