The Sicily 1943: Peace, Security & Prosperity conference

The two-day Sicily 1943: Peace, Security & Prosperity conference will be held in the Museo Storico dello Sbarco in Sicilia 1943 in Catania on Friday 7 July-Saturday 8 July 2023.

The event has been organised to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Operation Husky which began on 9/10 July 1943 in the context of bringing peace, security, and prosperity through democracy in Italy today. It will be addressed by VIPs and speakers with unrivalled expertise in the events in Sicily in 1943 and their consequences.

The objectives of the conference include:

  • investigating the conditions that lead to war and the eight pillars of positive peace which lead to prosperous, free and democratic societies
  • exploring the events that led up to the invasions of Sicily and the immediate response by defending armies
  • studying the key battles in each of the Allied sectors and the impact on local populations
  • assessing how commemorations of the war in Sicily and Italy can support the peace, security, and prosperity through democracy enjoyed in Italy
  • identifying the strategies to engage youth in commemorations and peacebuilding activities drawn from the lessons of war and the rebuilding of Sicily and Italy after 1945.

The Sicily 1943: Peace, Security & Prosperity conference is supported by the International Forum for Peace, Security & Prosperity

Admission is free to all registered delegates.

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The data gathered for the Sicily 1943 Conference will be solely used for transmitting information about the conference and not for any other purpose.