The Centre

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The Centre

Virtual International Centre for the Study of Peace, Security and Prosperity (PSP)

The “centre” proposed would be a collaboration between three parties. The organizers of Operation Husky commemorative tours (OH), The Gregg Centre at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) and KORE, the University in Enna.

UNB and KORE would develop a curriculum that focuses on the study of Peace, Security and Society using the battle for Sicily in 1943 and the lessons learned from the imposition of the Allied Military Government for Occupied Territories (AMGOT). This curriculum would make available a series of at least 20 Podcasts which consist of recorded lectures on the battles in the Province of Enna and the reconstruction efforts. They would be made in Italian and English.

The centre proposed is a “virtual” center with its home in Agira. Agira, the site of the Canadian War Cemetery was the site in the Province of Enna where the battle for Sicily was one of the fiercest. Neighboring towns Valguarnera, Leonforte, Nissoria, Assoro and Regalbuto were all sites of ferocious fighting, destruction and civilian tragedy. A gathering site will be sought from the town in which to hold conference of up to 100 people once or twice per year.

If possible, a permanent location will be developed that houses a historical display and artifacts.