Civilian contingent


Volunteers and Marchers are Welcome

Beginning on the 10th of July this group of dedicated Canadians will walk 325 kilometers over 20 days. This is a pilgrimage – not a holiday. 

Candidates for this team will be asked to train and attest to their ability to walk 20 kilometeres per day, three days in a row. You can expect to become part of a close knit team.

All team members will be asked to wear an informal  “uniform” for commemorative activities.

Sponsorships are available to defray part of the cost of modest accommodations and meals.

A dedicated logistics team follows tha marchers to ensure support and a steady supply of water. 

Veterans and family members of those who fought in the 1st Canadian Division are welcome.

There are 27 spots available.

The schedule for the walk is available for download.

A link to register for more information